Little Athletics started in the early 1960's in Victoria. It is uniquely Australian in concept although over the years has spread in a limited way to other parts of the world. It started out as a "fill in" activity for children too young to participate in "Senior Athletics" but has since developed its own unique character.

The emphasis in little athletics is on providing a community activity involving the whole family. Athletics is the means by which this activity functions, but not the primary focus.

Because we are dealing with children from a very young age we have a responsibility to ensure the physical activities provided are appropriate to their age and development, and that exposure to progressively harder events and higher levels of competition is gradual as they progress. We therefore support the National Junior Sports Policy and the limitations it places on serious competition for children.

Some children will ultimately go on to represent Australia in Athletics or a variety of other sports, others will obtain great satisfaction and a sense of personal achievement just from participating. All are equally important to us while they are in Little Athletics and this philosophy is reflected in the statement of Little Athletics' goals.

Little Athletics came to Queensland in 1973 and, the Goodna Centre was formed in July 1979 the nineteenth oldest Centre and being the fourteenth longest running Centre.

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